Veterinary Services in Durham, North Carolina



Ensure your fluffy friend is healthy and happy. Come to Tyson Animal Hospital in Durham, North Carolina, for complete veterinary services at an honest and fair price. Our passionate caregivers treat every critter as though it were their own pet.

Bring Your Pet to Tyson Animal Hospital For:

• Check-Ups
• Surgery
• Dental Procedures
• Acupuncture
• Boarding

Experienced & Dedicated
Tyson Animal Hospital of Durham, North Carolina was established in January 2006. Our main focus is to provide compassionate veterinary services for our clients and their pets. Trust our veterinarian’s 14 years of experience caring for animals to serve you and your pet.

Every effort will be made to insure that your pet will receive the best care possible. We offer many services to our clients. As a fully-staffed hospital, we are capable of in-house diagnostics, hospitalization, and surgical procedures.


Bring your animal to the loving caring vets at Tyson Animal Hospital. Contact us to request an appointment for your pet.